The HyVent process combines the processing and reclamation of spent catalysts within a single process, eliminating the multi-step and often multi-location value chain currently utilized by the petroleum refining sector.  In the HyVent process, the removal of carbon and sulfur from the spent catalysts is combined with the extraction of base metals from the spent catalysts under a single hydrothermal process.  The hydrothermal process is followed by recovery of the base metals via selective precipitation and filtration.

roasting/calcining), and no required wastewater disposal.  The HyVent process operates as a closed-system, without process emissions and Zero Liquid Discharge mode (i.e., water used is fully recycled within the process).

The chemical processing component of the HyVent process (i.e., recovery of the base metals via wet chemistry) is based on well proven and applied chemistry.  In addition, the HyVent process has no emissions control (i.e., unlike thermal

Spent Catalysts

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