Hyvents' integrated Zero Liquid Discharge approach combines our chemical and equipment knowledge to design a water re-use system that meets your specific plant needs and goals on both the mechanical and chemical side. A successful ZLD design must take into account both chemical treatment needs and advanced water treatment equipment technologies.

Today more and more businesses understand the importance of sustainable operations. Focus on water usage and waste water discharge is a part of that and so companies are looking for ways to conserve water consumption and reduce or avoid discharge to the environment. A method that not only helps reduce water usage, but also concentrates on eliminating water discharge is known as zero liquid discharge (ZLD). ZLD processes change liquid waste into valuable dry solids or disposable dry solids and delivering

effluent water back into the plant to be reused. ZLD processes can incorporate many different unit operations to eliminate water discharge including HyVents’ hydrothermal technology, membrane filtration like UF, RO and Membrane bioreactors, freeze crystallisation and eutectic freeze crystallisation and evaporation. These technologies can deliver sound financial returns where reuse or recycling, water conservation, and regulations have significantly increased the cost of industrial use. 

Integrated solutions for Waste Water

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